Published on August 26, 2020 Updated on February 26, 2021

SPHERES kick-off meeting took place on 4th November 2020 online. The meeting was divided in 3 sessions, lead by each principal investigators:

  • Session 1: Cells / spheroids / imaging (coordinated by Mikael Rydén)
    • Spheroid data from different human cells including functional analyses - Morgane Couchet, Thais Castro de Barbosa, Joanne Shen and Volker Lauschke (KI)
    • Spheroid and imaging data from adipose tissue - Jérémy Dufau (I2MC)

SPHERES Kick-off meeting
SPHERES Kick-off meeting

  • Session 2: CRISPR (coordinated by Dominique Langin)
    • General introduction - Jean-Paul Concordet (TACGENE, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris)
    • Presentation on mice and human immortalized ACSs - Dominique Langin (I2MC)
    • Presentation from KI - Niklas Mejhert, Morgane Couchet (KI)
  • Session 3: Reconstitution and cell biology (coordinated by Bruno Antonny)
    • What do we learn from reconstitution studies in membrane biology? - Bruno Antonny (IPMC)
    • Studying the interaction between perilipins and lipid droplet in model systems - Alenka Copic (CRBM)
    • Cholesterol distribution during cell differentiation - David Kovacs (IPMC)
    • Setting up a high-performance thin layer chromatography system - Ana-Rita Araujo (IPMC)
Around 30 participants joined the online sessions to share and exchange about their research in the scope of the project. Following the kick-off meeting, virtual working groups will be set up according to each person's expertise.
On 04 November 2020